IE Pro Players Report 2020

It’s rather not of importance to consider stats and numbers besides assists, goals and clean sheets (for goalkeepers) to determine a player’s competitiveness. However, I decided to do a small number report along with some personal comments on what I observed from these IE pro players during this crazy 2020 season. I have to admit,Continue reading “IE Pro Players Report 2020”

Riverside County Cup History

About The Riverside County Cup is a home and away cup competition with local semi-pro teams in Riverside County with the aim to promote inter league competition within the region. Usually played during the early fall months. Rules Home and Away match. The away goals rule is a method of breaking ties in association footballContinue reading “Riverside County Cup History”

Straight Outta I.E. part 2

Around 2 years ago, me and my other lower league soccer enthusiast friend Steven were volunteering for local NPSL side Riverside Coras (now rebranded as Club Xolos USA) and had the idea of writing this list of pro players born/from the Inland Empire. Fast forward to now I decided to update the list because thereContinue reading “Straight Outta I.E. part 2”