My Story

My soccer story started when I was 4 years old when my parents debated which sport to put me in. My dad suggested baseball because being a huge Angels fan around 2002 hyped his love of the game. My mom on the other hand suggested soccer cause in baseball you “don’t do anything”. My dad accepted her point of view and got me into the AYSO. In 2006 I moved to the IE from the San Gabriel Valley. Out here in the IE, there was no professional teams in the proximity and the sports culture was different from that of LA. Playing ball in the IE was different because it had a heavy Mexican style and culture compared to when I played with Chinese/Japanese kids. When my playing days were done I got into a LA Galaxy fan phase, starting a fan club for the fans out here. Building on my effort to help the region to have its own identity, I did some research and there is a lot of talent and local clubs that don’t get much credit. That is what inspired me to make this little blog.

The Purpose

The Inland Empire has 3-4 million people who call it home. From the sands of the high desert to the wineries in Temecula, the IE doesn’t get the credit it deserves for having a rich yet unrecognized soccer culture. The lack of media coverage for the players and teams here deserve more attention for their contributions to our community and to global soccer overall. I plan on covering all the teams listed in the front page as well as some high schools near where I’m at. We need to form our soccer cultural to put the IE on the map, gain respect and be known for being a soccer powerhouse. Basically to inform and celebrate IE soccer.