Riverside County Cup History


The Riverside County Cup. (Photo credit: Temecula FC social media)

The Riverside County Cup is a home and away cup competition with local semi-pro teams in Riverside County with the aim to promote inter league competition within the region. Usually played during the early fall months.


Home and Away match. The away goals rule is a method of breaking ties in association football when teams play each other twice, once at each team’s home ground. By the away goals rule, the team that has scored more goals “away from home” will win if scores are otherwise equal. The away goals rule is most often invoked in two-leg fixtures, where the initial result is determined by the aggregate score — i.e. the scores of both games are added together. But if the away team scores 1 away that would equal to 2 home goals scored in a competitive match. In many competitions, the away goals rule is the first tie-breaker in such cases, with a penalty shootout as the second tie-breaker if each team has scored the same number of away goals. Rules vary as to whether the away goals rule applies only to the end of normal time of the second leg, or applies in extra time as well. It will be used in the Riverside County Cup.

List of champions and year recap


Champion: Riverside Coras (1st time)

Notable event:

Toros Neza USA withdrew from the tournament after the third match.

Matches stream:

AC Miracle Hill vs Riverside Coras (2-5)

Riverside Coras vs AC Miracle Hill (6-0)

Temecula FC vs AC Miracle Hill (7-1)


Champion: Temecula FC (2nd time)

Notable event: Riverside Coras withdrew from the tournament due to team manager’s health.

Matches stream:

City legends FC vs Temecula FC (2-3)

Toros Neza USA vs Temecula FC (1-2)

Recap article: From Protagonist soccer writer Steven Ramirez

2017 (1st edition)

Champion: Temecula FC

Overall stats:

TeamsGames PlayedWinsDrawsLosesGoal Difference +/-
Temecula FC1172235/19
Riverside Coras742122/9
Toros Neza USA520319/11
City Legends FC20023/11
AC Miracle Hill50053/32

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