2022 IE College Preseason Survey

While the college season started for some in late august, the preseason survey I made only received a small number of responses from the coaches sharing their thoughts for the 2022 season. I sent the 4-question google form to all collegiate social media pages, including 2 and 4-year programs, but three coaches had the timeContinue reading “2022 IE College Preseason Survey”

Report: IE Teams in the 2022 SoCal Premier Open Division

Kicking off in February, the SoCal premier open division was a small competition consisting of 10 teams fighting for a spot in next season’s SoCal premier regular season. When the open season finishes, the clubs will be filtered to the SoCal premier’s three divisions based on their opening division placement. There were four from theContinue reading “Report: IE Teams in the 2022 SoCal Premier Open Division”

Storm United’s Journey to Promotion and Beyond

Storm United’s passage to the UPSL Premier division has been a long time coming for the Californian team from the high desert. Since competing in the UPSL lower divisions since 2017, coach Michael Zamora has been there since the beginning with aspirations for the team (back then called High Desert FC) to move up the ranks andContinue reading “Storm United’s Journey to Promotion and Beyond”

The Inception behind High Desert Elite with Fidel Gonzalez

The story behind one of the High Deserts adult amateur teams is an interesting look into the soccer culture that transpires north of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains. Soccer, historically around the world, is more than a sport for fans who follow it. It is a social construct that is a platform ofContinue reading “The Inception behind High Desert Elite with Fidel Gonzalez”

A casual conversation with Juan Ocegueda

For this third installment of a casual conversation, a segment where I freely talk to current or former professional players from the Inland Empire, I reached out to Juan Ocegueda. Back in December, Juan made an Instagram story post hinting his playing time is done. He later clarified that he is only 5 months awayContinue reading “A casual conversation with Juan Ocegueda”

Coaches Corner: Smart Simple Soccer with AVHS Coach Miguel Alatorre

For a simple fluid game like soccer, there are many ways to coach it. Some take a philological approach and break it down into details, while others are less verbal and explain it in universal terms. In contemporary times, anyone in the capacity of the sport from team staff to media, have access to anContinue reading “Coaches Corner: Smart Simple Soccer with AVHS Coach Miguel Alatorre”

End of season review (Riverside Coras archive 2018)

So the NPSL Southwestern Conference season is over and the results have been tallied up: On Saturday, June 30th, Orange County FC hosted FC Arizona, in a play-in round for the final playoff spot allocated to the Southwestern Conference. Orange County would end up winning 3-0 against fourth place FC Arizona. Watching the competition playContinue reading “End of season review (Riverside Coras archive 2018)”

Where you at! (Riverside Coras archive 2018)

Ambition. For players in the game, reaching the highest level is the ultimate dream. It starts in steps, but you continuously improve yourself always striving for the highest level, the ultimate goal. Paths are different for each individual, but if they wish to achieve that desired success they will need ambition. A few Coras haveContinue reading “Where you at! (Riverside Coras archive 2018)”