Future FC Remains Undefeated with 4-3 Win Over SoCal FC

Future FC retains winning streak after falling behind SoCal FC in UPSL W regular season play.


This match was the first encounter between both sides this season. The 2022 spring champions Future FC maintained their incredible winning streak since the previous season, where they only tied one of their ten games. They started the 2023 season with three clean sheets and 13 goals and fighting for 1st place with United City FC, who are also undefeated. 

For SoCal FC, their winning streak was snapped last match week by a 1-0 blanking from AMSG. Before that match, they had destroyed SoCal Reds 6-1 and Empire Surf and FC Premier U-21 3-1, respectively.

Game Recap

On a sunny Father’s Day in Santiago high school, the game was ready to kick off. The game started with SoCal FC in light blue, keeping possession and playing out the back. This method quickly resulted in the game’s first goal in the 7′ from the right wing by a forward lob pass to the attacker, and she finished it. 

In response, Future FC in dark blue moved the ball forward with runs and lob passes when in possession. They get a goal in the 9′ off a goalkeeper block with the attacker AJ Hennessey on the left to clean up the mess. 

FFC would then play off counterattacks, hold formation to do offside traps and don’t pressure when not in possession. In contrast, SoCal FC won plenty of interceptions in the midfield, then resetting to their defense. They moved forward with the defense in possession to the halfway mark, then made pass plays to set up an attack. 

SoCal FC would regain the lead in the 21′ from the 15 yards line that takes a deflection from an FFC defender and goes over the keeper. 

Just like before, FFC responds in the 24′ with a goal by AJ Hennessey from the left side after a goalkeeper clearance which finds AJ in the right place to put it in. The game is now tied 2-2. 

FFC now are playing out the back and take time to set up before moving forward, while SoCal FC don’t pressure off the ball. With that, FFC finally takes the lead for the first time in the 33′ with a goal by AJ Hennessey from a right cross, and the bunch up in the box results in her kicking it in. She gets the hat trick, and now it’s 3-2 for the girls in dark blue. 

The match would be back and forth between the two sides, but the halftime whistle blows as FFC takes the lead. 

The second half kicked off, and both teams stuck to their game plans from the first half. However, the game would be more physical for both teams as fouls were being called. 

Both teams also switched the ball to their wingers when building the play. FFC would find success and get their 4th goal in the 59′ by Rilee Harmon being inside the box, receiving the pass to rainbow shot over the keeper to make it 4-2. 

Just a few minutes later, SoCal FC got one back after a nitpick of the defender in the 25-yard line saw the attacker shoot from a distance low to the left to make the game 4-3.  

The rest of the 30 minutes was choppy, with loads of fouls and bookings as both teams showed their physicality. SoCal FC struggled to form a play to get to the final third to make a chance at goal. 

FFC would bunker defensively to frustrate SoCal FC’s opportunities and prevailed to secure the win. 


FFC would make the winning streak five games and are tied in first place with their next opponent United City FC. In comparison, SoCal FC suffered their second season loss and placed just above midtable. Their next match is against unbeaten side Sporting FC on Wednesday and FC Juarez Academy on Saturday. 

From 6/20/2023

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