Where you at! (Riverside Coras archive 2018)

Ambition. For players in the game, reaching the highest level is the ultimate dream. It starts in steps, but you continuously improve yourself always striving for the highest level, the ultimate goal. Paths are different for each individual, but if they wish to achieve that desired success they will need ambition. A few Coras have continued on their journey towards that ultimate goal. Some currently on trial, while others have already signed and are living abroad.

Omar Aguilar:

Omar is currently trialing at Merida AD, in the Spanish Tercera divsion (regional league considered to be the fourth level of Spanish Football.)  Omar did not see the field till mid-season but started to become a main stay at the right-back position. He tallied a total of 216 minutes, but had his season cut short after receiving a concussion against FC Arizona. Omar’s size helped control and win majority of aerial duels in the defensive third. A few Southwestern clubs like to play through the left-wing, and always had trouble with a battling Omar Aguilar.

Yosimar Hernandez:

Yoshi is currently trialing at Club America, of Liga MX. Yoshi, in my opinion, is the best wing-back in the NPSL. His ability to receive the ball in open space and then turn to dribble at defenders, set him apart from all defenders, even some attackers. Due to the college season, Yoshi was only able to play half the season ( six matches), but managed to clock-in every minute of those appearances. His dynamic playstyle helped the Coras make a run towards the playoffs, he even scored a couple of goals. Not bad for a defender.

Alonso Lara:

It looks like the Coras will have a new starting keeper next year, because this one is off to Germany. Lara played a total of 946 minutes last season, and left at half-time of FC AZ, after battling a nagging injury. Lara will be joined by defender Jose Perez at 1. FCA 04 Darmstadt, a club in the Kreisoberliga ( a county league, in the seventh division of the German Football Association.)

“I was referred by a fellow teammate. Coming here , he put in a really good word for me. I’m grateful to have the kind of friends that can help you out, especially wanting to pursue a dream like playing in Europe. Hopefully this is the beginning of something big. You can go up divisions from here, and I’m hoping to get to the highest division possible.” -Alonso Lara

Jose Perez:

Jose was a staple in defense. He was a reactive defender who could cover ground, which helped eliminate many counter-attacking attempts. As the season progressed he began to show his versatility, allowing for tactical adjustments in game. This became common practice as Yoshi and other attacking wing-backs entered the system.

Passion for the game leads us in many different ways. Some fans create or join a supporters group, some become journalists ( thinking emoji) and some even create their own teams. A few of our players have taken that passion to the next playing level, but one harnessed that passion differently.

Shortly after the 2018 season ended, midfield maestro Eric Gonzalez got his first coaching job at Jurupa Valley High School. “ Ever since I got out of college soccer in 2015, I figured I was going to get into coaching or reffing” he said when he spoke of his route to the new job. As he continued to play, climbing the levels, he was cut by a professional team. “ Since then I decided it was time to take a different route.”

Eric has been busy trying to change his High School’s soccer program. He treats his players like professionals, while still allowing them to express themselves on the field. The players have responded well, currently JVHS has been playing in the summer to prepare for the winter season. The team is currently 2-0 and playing a good brand of soccer.

“I’ve been working for a month now and have been doing double sessions with [the team] on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. I worked with a lot of technique, passing and playing with intensity or a game like situation. I force them to play as a team.”     -Eric Gonzalez

Ambition and passion are two very essential components needed to be a competitor. Ambition keeps you training when all of your teammates leave. Passion makes you want to learn, develop and even master the art. These players paths have transformed this offseason, but their ambition and passion will continue lead them towards a brighter future.

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